Who we are ...

Mackenzie International Strategies is an independent consulting firm that centers its activities in strategic planning, international business development, innovation, business intelligence, problem solving, infra-structure projects with focus in the natural resources, telecommunications and industrial sectors.


It was founded in Montreal, Canada in April 1984 and acted extensively in the North-American, Central American, Asian and North African markets. In the last 25 years Mackenzie Internatinal Strategies has been concentrating its activities in the Brazilian market.



To effectively support the needs of its clients to explore the business potential of the Brazilian market, it established offices in São Paulo, Brazil.

Mackenzie International Strategies brings together national and international strategic expertise in the conceptualization and development of ventures and businesses involved in energy infrastructure, transportation, mining, agroindustry, natural resources, telecommunications, environment, industrial sectors, as well as its logistic and its national and international commercialization of goods and services.

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