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We identify investment and market opportunities, locate potential partners, structure deals for a joint-venture, for a strategic alliance, for capital investment -- for on-going outfits or for greenfield projects requiring development -- and we look after the well-being of the established business relationships, trade, and projects.


We have been assisting Canadian and Brazilian companies to give their first steps into the Brazilian and Canadian markets respectively, and to team them up with local firms in order to implement their projects or their exports.

Mackenzie International Strategies assists its clients by:

  •      Identifying potential markets
  •      Searching for potential partners for the development of the projects or ventures in Brazil and Canada
  •      Composing the strategic alliances and/or the technology transfers
  •      Respecting the business demands and orientation of the contracting clients
  •      Deciding which products or services should be used or developed
  •      Specificying the strategy required to exploit the target markets
  •      Formulating a plan of action (actions to be taken, when, and by whom)
  •      Developing a budget to be allocated for the development of the business or projects
  •      Establishing the necessary means to finance the projects and project development
  •      Coordination of the proposal preparation or of the business plans of the enterprise
  •      Conducting informal and formal market research and feasibility studies
  •      Acquiring business intelligence and identification of opportunities
  •      Leading or giving support to the negotiations required for the development of the businesses or projects
  •      Assisting in the selection of legal and financial councellors, in Brazil and abroad.

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