Our Business Approach

First and foremost, we are a strategy developer and project implementer. Our studies and projects generally require a developmental phase in order to establish a definite cost-benefit and ROI, before the actual capital investment takes place. 


In order to carry out our objectives, and that of the participants and investors, in the projects, we usually suggest to our partners the formation of a SPC (Special Purpose Company) to do the development phase (see flowchart below). This approach achieves 3 purposes:


  1. it gives us a vehicle to carry out the final developmental phase, with each party bringing to the SPC its contribution: financial funding, management, multidisciplinary engineering, legal, and commercial;
  2. it shows our commitment to the success of the project by becoming a minority shareholder and project managers of the endeavour; and
  3. it allows the investor to allocate, through the SPC, the necessary funds for the development phase of the project.


Before the enterprise goes into operation, the SPC is transformed into an incorporated company (in Brazil, a S/A - Sociedade Anônima) where investors, suppliers, and buyers are shareholders (common or preferred).

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